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With the horse’s welfare paramount Kelly’s training is simple, fair and easy to understand and she has strong beliefs in explaining why things are done so that the rider fully understands how the horse responds to the aids/exercises, the training ethic is certainly not just ‘do as I say!’ but is enthusiastic, encouraging with the emphasis on understanding between the horse and rider. Based on the scales of training Kelly has an exercise to help solve most issues that will really help you and your horse progress together in harmony resulting in a happy healthy horse – this is relevant for all ages and abilities of riders, whatever discipline they choose to follow!.

Progression is determined by the horse itself and is enhanced by correct application of the aids working on both the horses needs and the riders position, alignment and balance – biomechanics of both horse and rider feature very heavily!

The overall aim is to get the most enjoyment out of riding your horse and achieve the marks and results you have always desired!
All horses are different and so their training methods need to be adapted to achieve the best approach for each individual horse. Kelly believes that we never stop learning, and every year attends the British Dressage Trainers convention, as well as attending as many other training conferences as possible, or simply by sitting in on other trainers lessons/demo’s – you then have more tools in your box to try if the first approach doesn’t work! No one method works with every horse/rider combination.

The rate at which a horse can progress is determined by the horse and the skill of the rider and at all times the horse’s welfare is paramount. It is hugely important to work on the skills of the rider and the rider’s alignment to achieve harmony and connection between them and their horse so it is necessary to work hard on both the riders and horses’ position. There is no point working on the horses’ straightness if the rider is sat very crooked! The basics can always be improved and every time Kelly teaches or rides she tries to get better quality in the way of going, the freedom of movement and the elasticity of the back.

Kelly is available to teach here at Celaeron Equestrian Centre at the following rates

Private 45min lesson – £35
Private 30min lesson – £25
Shared Lesson (1 hour)– 2 people – £25

  • Shared Lesson (1 hour) – 3-4 people – £20

Outside clinics: Kelly is available for external clinics with 4 or more lessons at £45 per lesson.

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Celaeron Equestrian Centre
SA48 7RG


01545 574999
Mobile - 07792 735909


“Kelly is always prepared to put in that ‘extra mile’.  With her help, support and encouragement i am now achieving more than I would ever have hoped for a few years ago” – Anne Edwards
Always prepared to put in that 'extra mile'