Horses are taken on for rehabilitation – whether it be veterinary related or behavioural.
We take on horses for any form of veterinary care – whether that be box rest and needing dressings changed, through to exercise rehabilitation following injury or surgery – always guided by the referring vets and physios.  We have a vet on site, and we have had horses in our care that have been referred from Aeron Vets, Tysul Vets and Cotts Farm Equine hospital.
It is a frequent occurance that horses are given a very strict exercise programme, sometimes needing to be done 3 times in a day, and owners simply don’t have the time, or facilities, to be able to follow the programme to get the full benefits.
Case study – Coco and Mel Morgan
The pictures speak for themselves, but Mel was struggling to follow the twice daily in hand exercise programme that had been given to her by the vets and physio, purely due to work commitments and weather, so could not progress further.  When she came here we were able to follow the programme, work with the vets and within 5 weeks were back riding her, after 5 months she competed in her first one day event finishing 3rd.  This is just one of our success stories!!
As each case is different, please contact us to discuss your reuirements.

Rehabilitation – Case Study

I was given devastating news about the riding career of my horse a few months ago. After talking to Kelly she took her on for rehabilitation. Kelly at Celaeron, alongside my vet, worked tirelessly through ups and downs to give my mare every chance to come good.They worked wonders!

I’m now back in the saddle and competing again. Coco feels better than ever, she is in peak condition and fitness and looking fabulous.

Throughout the rehab I was actively encouraged to be part of the process with them and I learn’t so much.

I am so grateful to ‘Celaeron Equestrian Centre’ as they remained focused helping me do the same.

Meleri Morgan & Coco

Coco on arrival


Coco after 5 weeks


Coco after 5 months


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“Kelly is always prepared to put in that ‘extra mile’.  With her help, support and encouragement i am now achieving more than I would ever have hoped for a few years ago” – Anne Edwards
Always prepared to put in that 'extra mile'