equine schooling

Horses are sent for schooling for a variety of reasons! Some come to correct behaviour problems, others to simply move up to the next level if the owner feels they do not have the experience, facilities or time – whatever the reason we happily work with the horse and rider to achieve their goal. With our vast experience of horses from all disciplines, we can cater for any type of horse.

We ensure they settle in to begin with before starting ‘serious’ work, then progress as we see fit. We have often found that horses that come to us that ‘won’t’ or ‘can’t’ do what the rider is attempting, sometimes need additional help and we work very closely with our vets, physio’s, farrier, dentist and saddler to make sure that the horse is comfortable in every way, we would never force a horse to do something if we think there is an underlying cause.

When the horse is coming to the end of the stay we encourage the owner to come and ride under our guidance as much as possible so they fully understand how we have been asking the horse to perform their movements, and guide them with a programme to take away with them – as we always say, ‘there’s no point just us being able to ride their horse!’.

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I have been very fortunate to have found Kelly in Celaeron. She is an exceptional trainer and rider with a wealth of experience and can instantly read a horse and its needs. Her enthusiasm for the sport and love for horses is infectious and inspiring. Kelly has helped and encouraged me to reach my personal equestrian goals I’ve also had my horse at livery at Celaeron, the atmosphere is lovely and friendly -it’s like an extended family. Meleri Morgan
An exceptional trainer and rider with a wealth of experience