Starting Young Horses

long rein

At Celaeron we take pride in producing horses carefully through this vital stage in their life and every effort is made to make this a happy and stress free stay. With over 20 years’ experience of starting young horses, we have many tools in our box to deal with any horse.

Each horse/pony is treated individually and is trained professionally, concentrating on essential groundwork and trust to begin with. We work closely with the owners to develop the horse through this time so it leaves us confident to progress in whatever discipline the owner has in mind – be that a happy-hacker or a Grand Prix dressage horse! As every horse is different we do not give a timescale as to how long it takes, but we endeavour to do it as quickly as the horse allows us to, it is also dependent upon at what stage the owner is confident enough to take over – some simply want their horse to be backed and trotting round the school, others want them hacking on their own or even getting to their first competition, this will be something to be discussed, and perhaps altered, as the horse progresses.

We start our horses by earning their trust on the ground, beginning with join-up, then lunging and long-reining. They do this at a rate they are comfortable with and will also be de-sensitised to as many foreign objects as we can! We regularly get out the Trec obstacles at this stage, so before the horses are even backed they have navigated through s-bend poles, over tarpaulins, water troughs, learning turn on forehand etc we call this our play day, not only do they learn so much but we feel it is essential to vary their work programme at all stages to prevent boredom. They will also long-rein outside and around the centre. By the time we get on they have seen and done as much as is possible and we find they progress very quickly from then on, accepting a rider is just the next thing on the list, and as they are already confident with going forward and in front (from long-reining) we find this to be the most successful and stress free technique for all concerned!

You can rest assured that any horse that is in our care is treated as one of our own.

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Celaeron has a wide range of competitions and has something to offer for everyone! We are very lucky to have a competition centre here in west Wales that runs affiliated dressage all through the levels. Lisa Saycell
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