The livery yard consists of 17 large looseboxes, most indoors, a large feed room and tack room with all year round access to turnout which is mainly post and rail fencing. All prices include full use of the facilities and there is also the added benefit of 24 hour supervision, with a vet also living on site. Bedding, hay/haylage and feed are always available on site.

Types of livery offered:

DIY – Price £130 per calendar month.
Includes stable, turnout and access to all facilities.
Assisted DIY – Price £130 per calendar month plus additional costs for assistance received.
Includes as above with assistance where and when necessary (very flexible!) for example: Feed and turnout in the morning – £1.50, Bring-in, wash legs, change rugs – £1.50, all day care – £6. All extras will be added to the invoice at the end of the month.

Full Livery – non riding– Price £300 per calendar month (£70 per week)
Full daily care of horse without exercising.
Full Schooling Livery – Ridden – Price £470 per calendar month (£110 per week)
As above and to include exercising 5 days per week to the owners requirements, riding in competitions held here.

Full competition Livery – Price £470 per calendar month (£110 per week)
As above and to include competing horses at other venues to further their career or fulfil their sales potential, additional costs depend on competing.

Breaking Livery – Price £470 per calendar month (£110 per week)
Please refer to our breaking page for more details.

Extras: the following are all available on site and are added to the invoice at the end of the month:

Bedding – Available at current market value.
Hay/Haylage – ad-lib quantity – £50 pcm

Feed – The Pure Feed Company – we hold in stock 5 different feeds (others are available if necessary), these feeds are fully balanced and comprehensive and are fed to all the horses owned on site. This feed is also available at the same prices to non-liveries.

Pure Easy – for those in light work/laminitic – £11.50
Pure Working – for those in work – £12
Pure Condition – for those who need to gain a few pounds without heating! – £12.50
Pure Stud – mares and youngstock – £13.00
Pure Balancer – (is already included in all the above) to be used with other feeds – £22

Liveries are able to use our 4 horse walker at rates below:
Solitary use (1 horse only on walker) – £9
2 horses on walker – £4 each
3 horses on walker – £3 each
4 horses on walker – £2 each

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“Kelly is always prepared to put in that ‘extra mile’.  With her help, support and encouragement i am now achieving more than I would ever have hoped for a few years ago” – Anne Edwards
Always prepared to put in that 'extra mile'