Dressage points league are also below!

Showing Points Season 2018/2019

10 for 1st, 9 for 2nd, 8 for 3rd etc. (Updated 18th November 2018)

In – hand
Angharad Lloyd  Tygolau Diva – 20
Nina James Maesmynach Masterpiece – 25
Bianca Hill Multicouture – 28
Barry Thomas Ribbesford Prince Harry 17
Rhian Thomas Just William 9
Clair Wood Rhoshill Seren 26
Sharron Warren Pentsrumbly Mary Poppins 7
Tim Hawker Luck-Jim 10
Laura White Nantwelan Jack 27
Sandra Davis Meechlands Dandino 8
Molly Sutton Sugar and Spice 23
Owen Bentley Abergavenny Gee Whizz 10
Ceri Bennett Thorneyside Starman 18
Deborah Jodrell Mornant Diamond Express 7
Rebecca Bentley Tryfel Baby Blue 10
Nuala Ellis-Jones Thistledown Bobby Shaftoe 10
Megan Williams Horse 7
Elen Evans Manorfields Puzzle 20
Charlie Tree Scooby 18
Matthew Bodsworth Spinner 22
Rebecca Martin Spinner 22
Stacey Buckley Harvey 20
Angharad Noakes Milnerfield Jack 71
June Thomas Alfie 48
Amberley Baker Iris 17
Claire White Steady Eddy 19
Jason James Lodgemoor Poptart 30
Eleri Jenkins Cantre I Do 18
Rachel Beaven Afan Cloudy 40
Lizzie Mathias Abercippyn Bartud 17


Kate Logan Arigorn 17
Becca Fflur Niall 18
Karen Faith Sd Texas 10
Bunny Mathias Liquorice 16
Shannon Foley Taraco Azarenka 10
June Thomas Alfie 9


Bunny Mathias Liquorice 19
Maisy Hickin Hannah Montana 37
Philippa Hughes Litchfield Kitty 20
Holly Owen Sweetie 31
Becca Fflur Duke 24
Ceri Bennett Thorneyside Starman 7
Kate Logan Arigorn 40
Alice Thomas Lady Layla 17
Molly Hickin Nicky 46
Claire White Steady Eddie 27
Evelyn Jodrell Foxleat Scepter 58
Nuala Ellis-Jones Thistledown Bobby Shaftoe 20
Charlie Tree Scooby 18
Amy Sibley Crunchie 29
June Thomas Alfie 19
Llion Hughes Dream 25
Shannon Foley Taraco Azarenka 19
Lily-May Owen April 18
Clair Wood Pontsgreen Finlarig 16
Eleri Jenkins Nantforchog Blue Bow Tie 10


Dressage Points League 2018/2019

1st – 10pts, 2nd – 9pts, 3rd – 8pts etc

Those with a Q next to their name have also qualified for our Dressage Championships on April 13th 2019 – so 2 ways to be crowned Champion at every level!

Shannon Foley Taraco Azarenka 20 Q
Mariecia Fraser Balmoral Muick 27 Q
Ela Isaac (J) Bunbury Cape Blanco 15 Q
Claire Jones Mojo 9 Q
Giles Hawkins Clyde 8Q
Sian Luker Tally 7Q
Hari Jarvis (J) Gorfelyn Percy’s Punch 8 Q
Stacey Jones Makena 13Q
Sheena Hill Synod Rose Punch 10 Q
Asleigh Hill Butleigh Tara 10Q
Ela Harries (J) Synod Rose Punch 8Q
Clair Wood Pontsgreen Finlarig 6Q

Ela Isaac (J) Bunbury Cape Blanco 13Q
Mariecia Fraser Balmoral Muick 9Q
Shannon Foley Taraco Azarenka 10 Q
Megan Wilson (J) Peach 24 Q
Chantal Morris (J) Abercippyn Ronan  10 Q
Clair Wood Pontsgreen Finlarig 8Q
Ashleigh Hill Butleigh Tara 10Q
Lucy Gaul (J) Arfordir Zara 6Q
Sheena Hill Synod Rose Punch 9Q
Emma Brooke Driggs 10Q
Tracy Williams A Grey Matter 9Q

Rebecca Ansell & Brenin – 10 Q
Amy Sibley (J) Brandy 20Q


Kay Davies Limara 10Q

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“Kelly is always prepared to put in that ‘extra mile’.  With her help, support and encouragement i am now achieving more than I would ever have hoped for a few years ago” – Anne Edwards
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