Wednesday Evening Showjumping

Wednesday Evening Showjumping – Last Wednesday of every month

Clear round jumping (any height) – 4.30-6.30pm

Classes start 6.30pm
Class 1 – 60cms
Class 2 – 70cms
Class 3 – 80cms
Class 4 – 90cms
Class 5 – 100cms
Class 6 – 110cms
Entry fee £6 per class – all entries on the evening.
If there are insufficient people wishing to jump classes of the same height we will continue with clear round at all heights!

Event Schedules


Celaeron Equestrian Centre
SA48 7RG


01545 574999
Mobile - 07792 735909


“Kelly is always prepared to put in that ‘extra mile’.  With her help, support and encouragement i am now achieving more than I would ever have hoped for a few years ago” – Anne Edwards
Always prepared to put in that 'extra mile'