Times for Dressage wednesday 30th August 2017

15:00:00 p7 Louise Davies Roxy
15.07 Intro A Clair Wood Pontsgreen Finlargig
15.14 p12 Melissa Midgeley Bellmondo H
15.21 Intro c Phoebe Smith Hope
15.35 p12 Louise Davies Roxy.
15.42 Intro C Clair Wood Pontsgreen Finlargig
15.49 N30 Jo Bechley Hoffnant Jerrys Girl
16.05 p7 Judith Allen Hebee
16.12 p7 Georgia Smith Penrherber Bossa Nova


18.08 N34 Branwen Davies Elizabeth II
18:15:00 Intro A Jo Davies Miss Eadie
18.21 Intro A Cath Jones Titus Endeavour
18.28 Intro A Anna James Roxy
18.35 Intro C Jo Davies Miss Eadie
18.42 Intro C Cath Jones Titus Endeavour
18.49 Intro C Anna James Roxy

19.00 – Emma lesson

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Celaeron Equestrian Centre
SA48 7RG


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“Kelly is always prepared to put in that ‘extra mile’.  With her help, support and encouragement i am now achieving more than I would ever have hoped for a few years ago” – Anne Edwards
Always prepared to put in that 'extra mile'