Schedules Winter 2017/2018  – all schedules are now on Horse Monkey, and Clinics.  However showjumping and showing are entries on the day too. There are currently dates upto April 2018, and I’ve got more still to add!!

We have recently teamed up with Horse Money to provide easy to use event entry! Celaeron Equestrian Centre Events Events in Horse Monkey

Find out what’s on and enter events on the fly! All the information you need will be at the palm of your hands…

Either register at the Horse Monkey website or use the Apple or Android apps…

This should solve the problem of lost and late postal entries!!

All of the event schedules are below which can be downloaded to your device – we have a full winter diary including dressage, showing, jumping, trec and clinics on weekend and midweek.  Hope to see you soon!


Event Schedules


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I have been very fortunate to have found Kelly in Celaeron. She is an exceptional trainer and rider with a wealth of experience and can instantly read a horse and its needs. Her enthusiasm for the sport and love for horses is infectious and inspiring. Kelly has helped and encouraged me to reach my personal equestrian goals I’ve also had my horse at livery at Celaeron, the atmosphere is lovely and friendly -it’s like an extended family. Meleri Morgan
An exceptional trainer and rider with a wealth of experience