Neuaddlwyd, Aberaeron
Ceredigion SA48 7RG

Phone : 01545 574999


Results for March 12th Dressage here – click on link!

Dressage League Points
1 point for every entry
10 points for win, 9 for second, 8 for 3rd etc.

Points Championship will be finalised at the Championships, so scores from the Championships also count!!

Dressage League Points 2016/2017
Updated 12th March 2017

Don’t forget, anyone who scores 60% or more at any level can enter our fabulous Championship on April 9th!! Got some excellent prizes for the Champions at each level!!  You will receive a qualification sheet when you gain your 60%.


Rider Horse Points
Sara Evans Thistledown Sea Anchor 38
Joanna Collins Tom Jones 50
Caryl Evans Mountcharles Firefly 22
Mariecia Fraser Murdo 18
Megan Harvey Will 8
Menna Francis Puzzle 37
Lynda Todd-Jones Will-I-am 7
Wendy Barnard Amber 7
CArys Jones Coch 11
Rebecca Bentley Marged 13
Rachel Cutter Romanno Royal Myth 5
Rhiannon Evans Julmer black Diamond 4
Liarna Davies Rae 3
Glesni Davies Bally 2
Claire Morice Rhodaire’s Ash Dream 4

Liarna Davies                                    Bonnie                                           6
Georgia Fennech                              Gwynfaes Marged                       3
Tracy Williams                                 Fair Point                                      12
Tracy Williams                                 Da’s Dilemma                              4
Amy Sibley                                        Brandy                                          8
Lynette Harrison                             Thomas                                         3
Rhian Jones                                      The Revenger                              1
Chantal Morris                                 Abbercippyn Ronan                   9
Shannon Foley                                 Castle Hill Archie                        7
Giles Hawkins                                  Clyde                                              6
Emma Humphreys                          Cherry                                           4
Chelsea Hughes-Jones                    Mac                                               9
Eleri Wyn Marshalay                       Fronarth Grandslam                 4
Liarna Davies                                    Flash Harry                                  5
Annie Evans                                       Basil                                              3


Rider Horse Points
Sara Evans Thistledown Sea Anchor 43
Chelsea Hughes-Jones Waxwing Macenroe 34
Mariette Sibley Crunchie 31
Sharon Bonner Henry 21
Gabi Wilton-Baker Grant My Wish 21
Jenni Evans Cwmteifi Lord Michael 25
Joanna Collins Tom Jones 38
Siri Nicolayson Finn 12
Cerys Evans Peveril Penny Royal 11
Alexandra Olewicz Mynydd Rio 11
Hannah Parr Will 9
Tracy Williams Fair Point 10
Caryl Evans Mount Charles Firefly 30
Helen Thomas Megan 8
Hannah Warren Puzzle 38
Mariecia Fraser Murdo 7
Maddy Adams Stormhill treasure 7
Rebecca Bentley Marged 17
Roxie Thomas Brynithon Lady 6
Alison McCarthy Otra Chica 6
Lynda Todd-Jones Will-I-Am 4
Claire Brooke Herbie 4
Joanna Curley Haywards Harebell 4

Amy Sibley                                          Brandy                                         12
Sophie Spiteri                                     Bob from Pruntus                     7
Sophie Spiteri                                     Bold Move                                  11
Hannah Parr                                       Moelview Chieftain                  18
Menna Francis                                   Puzzle                                          19
Michelle Jones                                   Karina Bay                                  10
Leanne Pittam                                   Affabilita                                      11
Emma Humphreys                          Cherry                                            2
Karen Faith                                       SD TExas                                       33
Chantal Morris                                 Abercippyn Ronan                       9
Liana Mason                                     General Joe                                   32
Nanette John                                    Tess                                                 3
Rebecca Ansell                                  Brenin                                            22
Eleri Wyn Marshalay                       Fronarth Grandslam                   8
Margaret Miles                                  Rojizo                                             11
Annie Evans                                       Belah                                               7
Liarna Davies                                     Flash Harry                                   4
Caitlin Theodorou                             Bella                                                6
Natalie Evans                                      Belah                                              14


Rider Horse Points
Tara Severs Moles 22
Amy Wilde Haybrook Lucia 20
Alison McCarthy Otra Chica 11
Cerys Carrol-Jones Rio Magic 11
Giles Hawkins Mr Banks 21
Alexandra Olewicz Mynydd Rio 10
Maddy adams Stormhill Treasure 9
Alice Woolley Craig Y Parc Enchantress 9
Anna James Agent Hogan 9
Claire Brooke Doylan Gorgeous George 9
Claire Brooke Herbie 8

Hannah Parr                                      Moelview Chieftain                   11
Meleri Morgan                                  Miss Ridgeway                            22
Rhian Jones                                       Master Guitarman                     10


Rider Horse Points
Rhiannon Coleman Rough Passage 11
Cerys Carrol-jones Rio Magic 11
Rachel Buckman Ace of Spades 10
Nia Venville Llangybi Melys 9
Alice Wooley Craig Y Parc Enchantress 8

Meleri Morgan                                   Miss Ridgeway                           22

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Celaeron has a wide range of competitions and has something to offer for everyone! We are very lucky to have a competition centre here in west Wales that runs affiliated dressage all through the levels. Lisa Saycell
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