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I am pleased to announce that I am now part of the Forever Horse Team!
As a rider, trainer and breeder I am always looking for ways to improve both my horses and my own performance and health.  This has even now gone as far as my pet dogs!  For those of you that know me, I’m always happy to recommend products/equipment that I have found to be of benefit in some way, and I often say ‘I should be on commission for this!’. Well now I have found some products that I have personally trialed for my own use (and am still doing) , and therefore am happy to recommend to people, and can include in my business here at Celaeron.

If you are local to me, I have an amazing basket of products you can try for yourself – for free – for 3 days! That’s what I did, and that is how this journey began! So if you would like to try the products, please contact me on 07792 735909 or email celaeron@hotmail.co.uk to book your trial!

Very briefly, I was approached by the Forever Horse Team, so I decided I needed to use these products myself (some I had already been using anyway!) – at my own expense – before I could happily promote anything (my degree is in science – zoology and microbiology, so old habits die hard !!).  I knew the benefits of Aloe Vera, having used various products before for myself and family – usually with some skin complaints or on holiday as an aftersun lotion!  My main aim was what would be of use to me, as an athlete/sportsperson and my animals, and also my clients.  Below is what I have found, and I have to say the results speak for themselves! I obviously haven’t trialled every product – that would be impossible, but I can safely say there is not anything I have tried that I wouldn’t recommend – I’m happily working my way through them!  So please feel free to read my blogs below – I will update as I am taking pictures/videos as I go, and I will try and organise this page better as I go too!  At the moment I am just typing as I think!  I’ve arranged everything into rider, horse and dog – I hope! Please feel free to let me know what you think!  If nothing else, please read my blog about my old dog Trixie, I actually can’t quite believe it myself!!

Please read my blogs below – or click here to go straight to my online shop – Shop now!
Alternatively contact me on 07792 735909 or email celaeron@hotmail.co.uk for more information or to order direct!

If you would like to join me in this exciting business please get in contact!

The following is not exhaustive, just some of the products I use regularly – there are far more products, please look at my online shop for more details or feel free to contact me for any advice!


So, the trials of being a rider,horse owner or generally an outdoors person are pretty much all the same! We all suffer from aches and pains, skin conditions (uk weather!!), energy levels, fitness and weight. So this is what I’ve used so far!! 

Aches and pains! 
– Aside from over doing it at times, I also suffer from back pain (I see the chiropractor, bowen therapist and sports therapist regularly!)
Freedom Gel – a drinking gel that I now take every day that not only contains pure aloe vera juice and pulp, but also msm for joint support.  I’m pretty fit and active, but I have noticed it’s a bit easier to get going in the morning now!! There are so many pluses to drinking some form of the gel, I know that my (dubious!) diet is also being supported as well as my joints! – please look at my DOG section for how I have seen a huge benefit for this! Buy now: Click here!

MSM Gel – I love this (also see horses and dog section!) as I’ve said before I do suffer from aches and pains in my back (particularly around my hips/pelvis/shoulders) so after a particularly hard day, where the pain was radiating down the back of my legs to my knee’s, I used the msm on that area prior to going to bed, usually the discomfort I was feeling would mean a very uncomfortable night, and I would resort to either ibuprofen gel, tablets or both! I was incredibly surprised when the first time I looked at the clock it was 6.30am – time to get up! Since that day the slightest twinge and the msm comes out – sometimes after the heat lotion (see below) for a double whammy! Both of my sons have also taken to using it if they’re feeling a bit achy after a football/rugby match and have said they feel much better much quicker! Buy now! Click here!


Heat Lotion – Does what it says – it heats up! So fabulous for aching muscles, we all know that keeping your muscles warm is beneficial. I first used this after competing 5 tests and driving the lorry for 9 hours, with one of the horses being particularly difficult to say the least! It is safe to say on that evening I was physically and mentally exhausted, so I used this on all the places I knew I was going to feel it the next day – lower back, shoulders, legs.  I’m not saying I woke up the next day bouncing around the room, but I certainly wasn’t feeling it like I usually do – hence the next time I give myself such a hectic schedule I will also be backing it up with the msm!  I did use both the following weekend after running a competition (weirdly standing virtually still all day taking entries, making tea/coffee etc hurts more than my usual hectic schedule that involves not being stationary at all!) and I felt a lot better than usual (often I can’t ride the following day and have to resort to lunging anything that needs working!) this time I even rode without stirrups on a big moving warmblood – I’d forgotten I was supposed to be aching!! Buy now! Click here!




So, as horsey people we are exposed to the elements – we have no choice! On top of the fact that we wear lots of kit – riding hat, long boots etc that may feel horrid in warm weather! And then stick our hands in water and don’t dry them, etc etc! On top of that I also suffer from eczema – it’s not as bad as it used to be, but I have been on every lotion, potion and drug that the medical profession can provide at one point or another (sleeping with cotton gloves on to keep emollient on my hands was particularly uncomfortable – as they were white I looked like a poor Michael Jackson impersonator!) So, for me autumn/winter is the worst time – central heating kills my skin after being outside and doing normal horsey stuff! I can get to the point where whenever I bend my fingers every knuckle splits open (I have to say it hasn’t been quite that severe for the last few years) but I also get patches on my lower legs – particularly the inner calf, where I’m in contact with the horse, which comes up as circular patches! I cannot stop myself scratching, but then it gets far worse – I know that but I just can’t stop, it’s horrible! So on the odd occasion I get to go out in the winter, you will always find me wearing either a maxi dress or trousers!! It has started already this year (and I haven’t put the heating on yet as it’s been so mild even though it’s November!) So here is what I’ve found!

Freedom Gel – as I said above I’ve been taking this for just 3 weeks now, although I do have dry skin it isn’t as bad as usual at this time of year – but I haven’t had heating on yet, just electric fire on occasion. So hopefully this is doing something from within! Time will tell! Buy now! Click here!

Aloe Lips – This is fantastic! I’ve always suffered with lip soreness from the weather and have used everything available from chemist, but nothing compares to this! Recently after having dental work (all on the right side – 4 separate appointmensts!) I was suffering quite badly afterwards in the right corner of my lips (I got pulled about quite a bit!)  the 3rd time that I had treatment I had started using Aloe lips – I wish I’d had it for the treatments before! No change at all this time, and that was 5 days ago! Equally no chapped lips as the weather has become very changeable!

I also have used this on irritated skin patches on my lower legs, which I suffer from particularly when the heating is on , so I applied to just one leg (I’m a walking experiment!!) I have got pictures which I will add! Low and behold the irritated skin I get went within 2 days – I didn’t feel the need to scratch at all, however the other leg has bright red patches, that just need scratching!!! So experiment over, I’m putting it on that leg too!!!  Prior to using this I also have used the aloe and propolis creme for moisturising. Buy now! Click here!

Propolis Creme – This is fantastic! I’m not a girly girl, I can’t be bothered with all the products and faffing – I don’t have time!! However, I do get dry patches on my face – my forehead in particular where my hat sits (my skin is awful, and I’ve always struggled to talk about it to be honest) So I have gone through phases of buying decent face creams etc – but it’s been short lived as it’s such a hassle and expensive! So, I used this and instantly my skin felt soothed, it does leave a protective layer – so if you don’t like this feeling the aloe moisturiser is also very good – but my 18 year old son has pinched mine, and I’ve just had to re-order for him! I have put this on morning and night for over a month religiously – that’s a record for me!! I think my skin also looks brighter, and wrinkles (ooh that hurts to say I have those!) less, but I think I need to ask my friends what they think – gulp!  Please also see below for the other things I’ve used on my face as they may contribute! Buy now! Click here!1442909878_T0mAW2E0Eu8B

Hand and Face Soap – the word soap made me cringe (soap really doesn’t agree with my horrible skin!) so I didn’t use it for a couple of weeks. It was only when I was researching the product that lots of reviews and uses came up (see horses and dogs!) so I gave it a go. I use it in the shower for all over washing – face included, and it doesn’t dry the skin and you only need a tiny amount (as with nearly every product – admittedly they are not the cheapest, but I have found I have used far less of the usual things like soap, shampoo, conditioner). So far very happy with it! Buy now! Click here!



Aloe Scrub – Lush! Easy peasy, in the shower – face and body, you get out with that really fresh feeling, and doesn’t irritate my skin! Buy now! Click here!


Aloe mask powder and activator – this is something else! As I said previously, I’m not a girly girl – but I was originally given this in a trial basket (please ask me about that!!) so I thought – ‘it’s free might as well have a go!’ wow!!!! It’s one of those masks that dries on your face – but I could literally feel my face pulsing, pulling out all the rubbish! They’ll be embarrassed that I’ve put this here, but my sons were well impressed!! So obviously I have bought this for myself, really feels like it’s doing its job!! Buy now! (please note you need to purchase both activator and mask!) Activator mask powder

1442909802_ALB9pQASEB6o (1)

Aloe Moisturiser – pinched by my 18 year old son, he’s very much into the male grooming so praise indeed- enough said!! Buy now! Click here!


Aloe Lotion – lovely light all over body moisturiser, but given my awful skin I tend to use the propolis more! Buy now! Click here!

Aloe Gelly -Fabulous for those bits of you that need healing! So cuts, sores, abrasions, burns – I’ve used this for a very long time in my first aid kit for humans and animals – wouldn’t be without it! Beware though ( as with all these products) of cheap versions that look like they’re the same strength – there is a different process that the cheaper brands use that makes the aloe properties less effective, I have personally compared and can verify there was a significant difference!! Buy now! Click here!


Aloe and Jojoba Shampoo and Conditioner – Because I wear a riding hat so often, and have that yukky ‘hat hair’ afterwards, I am prone to getting a flaky scalp because of this – I don’t get dandruff as such, but nobody wants visible flakes – yuk!.  My scalp feels far heathier, and soothed,  since using it, so I have used it on horses and dogs to the same effect!! The other benefit is you use only a tiny amount! Ordinarily my long, thick hair would need a good palm full of shampoo, so a bottle doesn’t last long – with the aloe and jojoba I use only about the size of a 10p piece, so it’s lasting me much longer than anything else I would usually buy! Buy now! Shampoo Conditioner


Energy levels,  weight loss and dietary supplements!
So I don’t need to lose weight, however, I’m not the healthiest eater – grabbing whatever is around and on the go! I also tend to eat really late at night as I don’t finish working until late into the evening.  At this time of year (going into winter when the clocks have changed) I find myself having less energy, and wanting to sleep more.  Being a scientist, I know exactly what I should be doing but………! So, along with the Freedom Gel – which has huge dietary benefits I’m also doing the following:

Argi + – a lovely berry flavoured drink (it comes in powder for that you mix with water)  contains L-arginine which is an essential amino acid and helps with energy levels, brilliant for busy or sporty people.  I’ve found I’m not getting that mid-day slump if I have this in the morning.  So now it is part of my breakfast! Buy now! Click here!


Clean 9 – this is part of the Forever Fit range, and is a 9 day cleansing programme, which is fabulous for kick starting weight loss, however as I don’t need to lose weight I am about to start this as a for a good old internal cleanse – so I will keep you updated as to how it is going! Stopping my awful snacking habits is going to be the hardest!!! Buy now! 2 flavours available vanilla chocolate


There are many more products to choose from depending on your circumstances, I’m just slowly working my way through the appropriate ones for me and my family!


So this was why I first decided to go into the Forever business – I wanted to be able to use some natural products (where possible) to help get the best from my competition and breeding horses.  Believe me, I am not adverse to using conventional veterinary drugs – my best friend is a vet, and I have a science degree – that makes me very sceptical about any product with claims it can do this and that – hence why I have been using these things at my own expense before committing!

Freedom Gel – I’ve just started using this on a relatively young dressage horse (9 years) but I’ve heard so many good things I’m using it as a preventative – dressage horses take so much strain through their hind legs as they progress through the levels, I want to still be competing him into his 20’s! But please read the effect it has had on my elderly dog – that’s why both myself and the horses are using it!! Buy now! Click here!

Aloe Gelly – I’ve used this for countless things – because of its purity it aids healing by upto 30%, I currently have one who has had a minor op and has to keep stitches in for 2 weeks, day 10 and wound is looking amazing, vet and I are very happy! I slap it on any minor skin condition/ abrasion and it worked wonders for a particularly  scurfy coated horse (his dandruff is unreal – and this is an FEI dressage horse that’s supposed to look posh, even worse he’s black!!) he is not as uncomfortable on his crest, he hasn’t rubbed half his mane away – again! And the unsightly skin flakes have all but gone – I’ve tried allsorts on him! I have pictures which I’ll put up! Please also see the jojoba shampoo! I have just started using this on a colt who rubs the top of his tail very badly – will keep you posted with pictures! Buy now! click here

Aloe and jojoba Shampoo – Used on the above scurfy horse – the difference after just 1 wash was astounding! I also use this on my hair – see the human section! Brilliant! To bath a whole 17hh horse I only needed a 50 pence piece size amount for each side! I often can use a quarter of a bottle on him!!! This will last a lot longer than other products I’ve used before! Buy now! click here

MSM – Same as humans – if you think they have over exerted, or worked particularly hard, rub a bit of this on – if it helps them like it helps me they will really benefit from this! Buy now! click here

Heat Lotion – As above – their muscles work just the same as ours – so a heating lotion certainly benefits after work/strain! Buy now! click here

Aloe First – Essential for your first aid kit!! There is a veterinary spray too, the difference is this one also contains propolis , so an added benefit!! I use this on the scurfy boy to help his coat, to clean small wounds, etc. I have just started using this on the boy with the sore tail, along with the gelly – so I will keep you posted, I’m taking regular pictures but I only started yesterday! Buy now! click here


Hand and face soap – you only need a tiny amount, and their coats after bathing are clean, not slippy (which is a problem if you’re plaiting!) won’t be using anything else unless I feel that the jojoba shampoo will be more beneficial on a particular horse! The bonus is that it’s sitting on our shelf next to the hose – so we use it too to wash our hands when needed, so should help my horrible hands too and prevent them getting so sore in the winter months! Buy now! click here



So this bit happened quite by accident! I have 4 dogs – 3 springer spaniel girls, and a sproodle girl – they are all related! After researching a little, I thought it would be worth trying the Freedom Gel on my oldest dog – Trixie. This is what I’ve found!

Freedom Gel – Trixie, my rather elderly springer bitch ( a few months short of 15!) has noticeably become less mobile in the last 18 months, she’s a grand old lady, so I just thought ‘well that’s what happens’.  In fact a year ago (November 2014),  I posted on facebook that this would be Trixie’s last excursion as a lorry dog when she accompanied me to the Home International in Grantham. So, she was already finding things to be a struggle as she could no longer get up the steps in to the living area of the lorry without me picking her up – which she really doesn’t like, she’s far too independent for that! So, fast forward 11 months, Trixie still wanders round the yard, has the odd playful 5 minutes, but on the whole looks a bit unsteady on her feet in the morning, and is sleeping much more – she’s also very hard of hearing, and is a little bit ‘in her own world’.  She has also lost a little bit of weight, mainly muscle tone, as she is not very active.  I thought it’s worth trying her on the Freedom Gel, it can’t hurt.  Best thing I have done for her, and am gutted I hadn’t come across this sooner!  She has now been having 30mls for just 14 days ( as of 3rd nov 2015) and at 7 days I noticed she was more active, by day 10 she came bounding up to me with a ball she’d found and just wanted to play – I had to stop the game in the end as I was worried she was going to overdo it!! The real tell-tale sign though was that when she’s excited she has now started jumping up at me again (something I have told her off for for years, but she hasn’t managed to get her front paws above my knees for over a year, and even then her hind legs would buckle) she now has her front paws on my hips and is still wagging – I certainly didn’t tell her off for jumping up this time, I could have cried!! She also jumped straight into the lorry 2 days ago!! We can’t stop the aging process, but we can make it easier!! It is because of what I have seen in Trixie that not only am I going to keep drinking the gel (we can’t stop aging!) but also giving it to my horses as a preventative measure! I am truly astounded at the difference in such a short space of time! If nothing else going into this business has made my dear old girls life better, then for that alone I’m so happy I did this!  I will put up videos when I work out how!! Buy now! Click here

Aloe and Jojoba Shampoo – the same stuff I use on myself and the horses. Just makes their coats clean and soft, no skin flakes, and you hardly use any on a medium size dog! (My dogs are outside on the yard all day, so are always getting filthy and diving in and out of hedges! Buy now! click here



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